In perfect HARMONY
A new choir in the city is bringing together voices from various nationalities to create a multicultural symphony
Stopcock for quitters
Reeling under one of the highest attrition rates in the world, Indian firms are getting imaginative about identifying and retaining quitters
A colonial coffer
Numismatist Gev Kias is set to catalogue his rare collection of British India coins in an upcoming book
Guest Appearance: Call of the crafts
She’s been spearheading the crafts revival movement for decades, and Jaya Jaitly is now bringing her initiative to the city
Boffins change skin cells into brain cells
Scientists have found a way to convert skin cells directly into brain cells. The breakthrough could lead to a cure for Huntington’s disease, an incurable fatal neurodegenerative disorder
Dinosaur with fearsome claws was a gentle giant
A bus-sized dinosaur portrayed as a killer based on fearsome claws unearthed 49 years ago, was really a toothless, gentle plodder, palaeontologists reported after new fossil evidence.
A start-up company in Scotland is working to capitalise on the tons of waste produced by one of the country’s most valued industries and turn the dregs of whisky-making into fuel.
5 apps to learn from on Android
Itching to learn something new but don’t have enough in your budget to pay for classes?
Yoga for diabetes
Follow these simple pranayams and asanas to control blood glucose levels
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