Art in protest
Indian artists join a global creative boycott to fight migrant labour exploitation in the making of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, the mother of all museums
Small Talk: Not too hot to handle
The director of Bikram Yoga talks about the controversy heating up around the rigourous practice
Catch them young and watch them cook
Children across the city are learning to wield the ladle, instead of running amok, in their free time
A new beat for old tunes
Three young musicians are going unplugged to give old Marathi classics a fresh melodious spin
Device will help visually impaired avoid collision
US researchers have created a new wearable device that can detect solid objects around people with peripheral vision loss to help them avoid accidental collisions and falls
Students fight fire with thumping sound waves
A thumping bass may do more than light up a party – it could flat out extinguish it, thanks to a new sound-blasting fire extinguisher by George Mason University engineers.
Bacteria can use tiny magnetic particles to effectively create a “natural battery”, a new research shows.
Novel wing design may revolutionise flying bots
Researchers have created a wing inspired by the anatomy of birds and bats; the design allows their flying robot to squeeze between obstacles and even recover from impacts
The bad-mouth
Your breath holds secrets to your health. 7 reasons to be your own breathalyzer
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