India’s Nightcrawlers
They hardly ever sleep. They are always on the lookout for shocking footage that can be sold and shared. Armed with mobile cameras, relentless videographers are heralding the viral revolution
YouTube sexes up Shantabai
For those who associate the Maharashtrian maid servant as the mythical Shantabai, it may be time to move on. Shantabai has gotten a cultural makeover in a hugely popular Marathi-Hindi remix number, penned by no lyricist of fame, Sanjay Londhe.
The Korean connection
The steadily growing Korean community in the city is making sincere efforts towards cultural integration
Our response to news of water on the red planet needs to be a little more down to earth
The series that defined the PS3 debuts on PS4 as one of the best cross-gen remasters
Google launches Delhi public transport app
The experimental app even works offline, providing directions and routes to commuters travelling across Delhi’s Metro and bus networks. When online, the app also relays transport news and delay information
Adidas develops customised 3D printed shoes
Sports apparel maker Adidas has designed new performance shoes that use 3D printing technology to ‘perfectly’ match the shape and characteristics of the wearer’s feet.
Facebook to update Likes with Reactions
Facebook is currently testing a new feature to enhance the Like functionality on the social network to give users more options.
Not tip toe condition
Bunions can prove dangerous if left untreated, say experts
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