On the mark
Both successful in their respective careers now, singer-composer and director Rahul Ranade often flunked in school, while oncosurgeon Dr Gauri Kelkar-Buddhisagar was a topper. But did that make a difference?
‘Religion has an important role to play in this country’
Party president and MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, on political strategy and the MIM’s plans for the state
History of melody
A research project sees the recording of 17th century Indian music that had British officers swaying at nautch parties
Small Talk: In her own skin
The couldn’t-care-a-damn actress readies for a second round onstage
5 Social alarm apps to help you get up
Traditionally, alarms have been a private matter. Other than your family or roommates, no one had to know which alarms you ignored or how many times you pressed snooze.
If your daily drive to office lasts more than 20 minutes, you may be at increased risk of burnout, says a new study by the University of Montreal.
Ebola virus’s Achilles’ heel can curb infections
Researchers have discovered a key protein required by the Ebola virus to replicate. By blocking this protein, the scientists hope to stop the disease from becoming virulent
New device may end no balls in cricket
Foot fault no balls could be eliminated from cricket thanks to a new device that aims to stop bowlers overstepping the mark.
Bacteria in the bone
BY: Lata Mishra
Three surgeries and a misdiagnosis later, Nanda Patil walks again, 10 years after TB attacked her knee
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