Konnichiwa, Pune
The city ranks third, nationally, in terms of students studying Japanese. Mirror explores what makes it such a popular pick
A clean sweep
He runs a Rs 300-crore business, but life for Hanmant Gaikwad is still all about hard work and keeping it real
Music makes it happen
The Ladakh Project is proof that money can’t stand in the way of passion and drive
To greener pastures
The city’s ecopreneurs are redefining sustainable living in our daily lives
A brand new way to diagnose malaria
Researchers have created a way to use magnetic fields to accurately detect the malaria parasite’s waste products in infected blood cells for less than Rs 10 per test
Substance in sugar kills good cholesterol
Scientists at the University of Warwick have discovered that ‘good’ cholesterol is turned ‘bad’ by asugar-derived substance.
Best video editors on iOS
A guide to the best film editing tools available on Apple’s mobile platform
Go fetch
Rishi Alwani explores First light, a DLC based on Infamous: Second Son. The game, while brilliantly made, suffers from predictable plot twists and a short play time
Why your kid won’t sit still
BY: Teja Lele Desai
Paranoid parents dragging their kids to counsellors for ADHD must realise that kids fidget. And they do it because you and the teacher won’t let them move
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