Tribute to Genius
The spotlight is on S Sukhdev after his daughter’s documentary on him, The Last Adieu, won the National Award for Best Biographical Film
Get on board
Skateboarding has arrived in Pune with local daredevils perfecting and showing off gravity-defying stunts in their neighbourhoods
Analyse this
Because this is an election like no other, journalists and filmmakers say their work is crucial to arm voters with data before they get inked
Very bloody likely
When Eliza Dolittle said “Not bloody likely” on stage in 1914, the laughter lasted 76 seconds. The charm of Pygmalion, through its many incarnations, has lasted a century
Try clothes online before you buy
Using the Kinect, researchers have created a program that lets you virtually try out online clothing on a mannequin customised to your body before you buy it
Cow dung resistant to antibiotics
Cow manure is commonly used to fertilize vegetable crops, and a US study out Tuesday found
Chili farming started in Mexico
Farming of chili peppers, the most widely cultivated spice crop that have conquered cuisines
Ginseng could treat and prevent influenza
Ginseng, a well-known herbal medicine, can help treat and prevent influenza
I didn’t have energy to bring up my kids
A smoker for 10 years, 43-year-old homemaker Preeti Khanna on how she kicked the butt under hypnosis
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